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Professional Tree Care Service in Kyle

Trees are known to have tons of benefits, not just to the ecosystems but also to the well-being of everyone living close to them. They help increase and maintain biodiversity as well as mitigate climate change.

However, trees, especially in urban areas, need to be trimmed for reasons such as aesthetic appeal, provide clearance, improve tree health, etc. That’s where Kyle Tree Service Co. comes in; we are the team to call when you need tree maintenance services.

For years, our teams have helped clients maintain beautiful lawns through a variety of services which include:

Tree Trimming 

If you’ve ever been to a natural forest, you’ve seen old trees, wild gardens with unkempt shrubs and branches falling all over. While this is ideal for some, it’s not ideal for an urban setting. The trees will eventually outgrow the space you’ve allocated. To prevent this, you’ll need to trim your trees regularly. As a novice, you’ll have trouble knowing which tree to trim and where to trim. Fortunately, our professional tree services will assist you with that. Our team will identify the trees to trim and the branches for better growth.

Proper tree trimming will promote not only safety but also tree growth. Once the dead branches are trimmed, it makes room for healthier branches and leaves to grow. Aside from health and safety, trimming improves the aesthetics of your lawn.

Tree Removal 

Trees are a critical part of the landscape and environment, but sometimes they become a nuisance or pose a threat. Some choose to perform removal with professional help. It may seem like an easy task, but the property layout tends to complicate things. The size and location of the tree will also determine if the task is easy or difficult.

Our team is best suited for this kind of task. Remember that trees can weigh more than a ton, which adds an element of danger to both the people and property. Our team will determine the best way to take it down, depending on factors such as size and location.

Tree Care

Although trees can grow naturally with no human interference, they need proper care from certified arborists, especially those in urban areas. By maintaining these trees, you’re contributing to their health, thus allowing them to thrive for long as nature intended. We know everything there is to know about tree care. We offer the best tree services, which include care and maintenance. Our maintenance program seeks to identify potential problems and remedies before they damage your trees.

Tree Pruning 

Our team has worked with numerous clients, and among the common problems we deal with is dead branches that hinder growth. Pruning these branches will encourage healthy branches to grow and reduce the spread of diseases. Anyone can prune a tree, but you require professional tree service to identify the best approach, and time to prune it. We will inspect the tree to identify which branches to prune and frequency of pruning. Younger trees require frequent pruning at least once a year, while mature trees need pruning once every five years. Our team of experts is here to help you prune your trees and provide professional insight.

Stump Grinding 

After cutting down your trees, you were left with unsightly tree stumps that have become a nuisance. You’re now wondering whether you should leave it untouched or remove it. There is a third option, which involves stump grinding. In this case, our arborists will shred the stump into chips leaving only the roots. These roots will decay naturally, but it might take a few years before they break down completely. You can use the wood chips as mulch for other trees in your lawn.

Lot Clearing 

Land clearing is essential for construction as it’s the first step to your lot transformation. This is where our professional arborists come in handy, we’ll clear your lot to provide room for construction or plants and other trees to thrive. 

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